How to vote in the next local elections as a foreign citizen in COIMBRA?

How to vote in the next local elections as a foreign citizen in COIMBRA
Are you a foreign citizen and want to vote in the next municipal elections in Coimbra? It’s possible! Do not waive your rights!

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Who can vote?

  • Brazilian nationals with equal political rights
  • Citizens from European Union countries
  • United Kingdom nationals residing in Portugal prior to Brexit
  • Brazilian nationals without equal voting rights and Cape Verde nationals residing in Portugal for more than two years
  • Nationals from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, residing in Portugal for over three years

How can you vote in Coimbra?

You need to ask for a census report at your Parish Council (civil local authority). For this you will need:

  • Residence title (CRCUE, CR, AR), if you are a national of one European Union country, or of the United Kingdom with residence in Portugal prior to Brexit. Even if the title has expired, registration is possible: titles that expired after February 24, 2020 remain valid until the end of 2021.
  • Proof of minimum residence time in Portugal:
    • For more than two years, if you are a national of Brazil without equal status of political rights or of Cape Verde
    • For more than three years if you are a national of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Uruguay or Venezuela
  • Formal statement, specifying: nationality and address in the national territory, electoral roll of the constituency or local authority of the State of origin in which you were last registered

When can I register to vote in Coimbra?

Up to 60 days before the official date of the municipal elections.

In the case of the 2021 municipal elections, scheduled for September 26, registration must be done by July 26, 2021!

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